Dreams are better then reality

22. srpna 2017 v 14:17 | Juliet Rocks |  Deprese

My dreams are so much better then reality i never want to wake up.

Every morning when i wake, i don't want to get out of bed,
i want to continue sleeping, in my dreams I'm not alone,
in my dreams whatever i want to have i can have, everything i wish for comes true.
I experience so many desires and delights,
so many things i wish i could have for real,
but when i wake, It's all gone.
And though i could strive to make these things real,
to have all that i hold dear in my dreams to come to life.
When i wake, i sit behind the computer,
and slowly waste the days away as i think of memories past,
the bullies, the pain and loss and my cries.
Divorces, abuse and running away from life.
I Know i could change, every morning i stand up, and depression takes over and throughout the day swallows me down into a pit i can't escape, but at night, in my dreams, i am whole again.
Until i wake.


However, smb else wrote it, it feels like I did. It speaks to me in every single word. I hate it. And love it.


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 *-Maggie-* *-Maggie-* | Web | 23. srpna 2017 v 18:47 | Reagovat

Wow, fakt jsem myslela, žes to psala - úplně jsem tě viděla jak to píšeš. A to samý platí pro mně! Přesně dělám to samý a chci to samý a jsem to prostě já ... :(
Už abychom se zase viděly.

2 Lissea Lissea | Web | 27. srpna 2017 v 16:37 | Reagovat

Ježiš, to je tak trefný!

3 Lissea Lissea | Web | 27. srpna 2017 v 16:38 | Reagovat

Sakra, to je tak hrozně moc trefný!!!

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