Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over...

26. září 2017 v 21:59 | Juliet Rocks |  Snář

...she began to fly!

Okay, time for another article in English, yay! And for one dream from a dream book. I guess nobody knows I have another obssesion - in form of TV shows from 90ties, The Nanny! It´s the only thing I´m capable of doing (watching, acuratelly) after I got home from work. I´m currently also watching Orphan Black but I need to have a fres head for it, if you know what I mean. And with Fran, I don´t have to think about anything. I usually watch few episodes and then drop off to sleep. However, today they didn´t left me after falling asleep. Úžasný

So, it all started with CC. She was reading a piece of her writing to us, a really touching love story. They interrupted her, probably Niles, and I shushed them to be quiet and let her speak/read. Afther she finished (we were at our kitchen table), we were all really touched and impressed about her true personality she revealed to us. I stood up and hugged her. At the beggining, she was surprised and not comfortable, but after few seconds, the cold queen melted. The only thing she needed was a little bit of love. My love healed her. She started crying and desperately hugged me back. It was magical transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. And I was the medium, the cocoon, thanks to which this beautiful transformation could happen.

Oh mine, I have never felt so good in my life. Even if it was just a dream. And that´s basically it. However, after this she transformed into my auntie. And then it become painful as hell as always...


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1 Percabeth Percabeth | Web | 30. září 2017 v 10:57 | Reagovat

Sny jsou vždycky strašně zvláštní.. :/ :)

2 *-Maggie-* *-Maggie-* | Web | 3. října 2017 v 16:21 | Reagovat

Hustyyy :-) To je pekny. Serial ale neznam, takze nevim jaka je CC normalne, ale jak to popisujes, tak asi moc vrela neni :-D Super, ze jsi mela takovej dobrej pocit :-) skoda s tou tetkou..

3 kapitán kapitán | 3. listopadu 2017 v 13:59 | Reagovat

wow, tak to je mrtě...

4 Bonito Bonito | Web | 30. listopadu 2017 v 13:56 | Reagovat

ouuu The Nanny jeden z mala serialov, ktore mam rada.. len škoda, že to davaju dost neskoro a na nete len s cz dabingom, ktory je dost hrozny naopak slovensky to  dost vystihol

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